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  • Summer Research Fellowship Mentor Responsibilities

    Summer Medical Research Mentors are responsible to provide supervision for Summer Research Fellows during a 10 to 12 week research experience. Mentors will assist students in outlining a project that pursues a scientific question and they will assist students in becoming familiar with the processes involved in identifying the problem, evaluating its significance, designing experiments to answer the problem, and interpreting experimental data collected.

    Responsibilities of the Summer Research Fellowship Mentors are:

    • Mentors may train only 2 students during a given summer
    • Mentors must assure that their student(s) have completed the appropriate compliance training (IRB, ACURF)
    • Mentors will supervise their student's preparation of a Research Project Report
    • Mentors will participate in Medical Student Research Day
    • Mentors will submit an evaluation of their student's performance at the end of the research experience

    Pre-M1 Summer Research Fellowship Mentors are responsible for submitting a Letter of Recommendation as part of their Pre-M1 student's application into the Summer Research Fellowship Program.

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