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    Director, Neil A. Segal, MD, MS, CSCS
    Coordinator, Deanna Nielson, PhD 

    Medical students have many different opportunities to get involved in research during their training in the Carver College of Medicine.

    • The Iowa Medical Student Research Club (IMSRC) is a student-run organization, recognized by the Student Organizations Office at the University of Iowa. All medical students are invited to participate in the IMSRC-sponsored events. Student officers are elected, and participate for all years of their medical education on the Medical Student Research Council, a body that oversees Medical Student Research activities in the College.
    • The Summer Research Fellowship Program allows pre-M1 (newly admitted) and M1 students to participate in a summer research project of their choosing with a faculty mentor here at the Carver College of Medicine. Students are paid a stipend to help cover their living costs while working on the project. Information about the Fellowship Program is disseminated through email announcements, the Iowa Medical Student Research Club, this website and announcements at events throughout the year.
    • The Research Distinction Track (RDT) is designed for students to participate in mentored research throughout their 4 years in medical school. Students admitted to the Track will exhibit excellence in research including presentation of research at meetings and writing of research results in manuscript form. This designated track is mentioned in the student's Medical Student Performance Evaluation (formerly known as the Dean's Letter) for residency programs if the student is on-track for the program, on the student's transcript and in the graduation program.
    • Year-long research programs can be chosen from on- or off-campus options.

    The Iowa Medical Student Research Program (IMSRP) is an umbrella organization that oversees and integrates the medical student research programs listed above. It is designed to support, promote, and raise awareness about medical student research opportunities here at the University of Iowa.

    Details of additional programs will be announced throughout the year.

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