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  • Research Day Presentation Registration

    Please fill out this registration form and submit it by August 22, 2014. Research Day will be held on Friday September 12, 2014. All medical students who participated in the Summer Research Fellowship program are required to attend all sessions held that day.

    You will automatically be registered to present in poster format, however, if you are interested in doing an oral presentation, fill in Poster and Oral Presentation options. Abstracts are required to be considered for an oral presentation, the deadline for consideration is August 15 (if you are doing a poster presentation the abstract deadline is August 22). The Medical Student Research Council will make final decisions on oral presentation participants based on the number and type of presentation applications. The August 15 deadline is firmly set in order to let students know whether they will be doing an oral or poster presentation in a timely manner. There will be approximately 40 oral presentation slots available. Special requests for extended deadlines are strongly discouraged. 

    Research Day Registration     ORAL REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.