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  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation Information and Instructions

    This is the process used to create the MSPE.  Your duties as the student are in bold type.

    Step 1: Please complete the Student Information Form below.  It will be used to write the Unique Characteristics section of the MSPE. 

    Step 2: After you have completed the above step you may schedule an appointment with your community director or, in some cases, an OSAC dean

    •  In both cases, you will receive instructions on setting up the appointment after you complete Step 1 above.
    • There are a sufficient number of appointments available, but if you want more flexibility in scheduling, you must set up your appointment early! IF YOU DON’T SET UP YOUR OWN APPOINTMENT BY AUGUST 1, ONE WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR YOU.

    Step 3: Once you complete step 2, you will then receive by email:

    • a confirmation email in the form of a meeting request from your community director or dean, and ...
    • ... an additional meeting request from Kerry Lao or David Etler.  This second appointment will be ½ hour before your MSPE interview, in which you will review a draft of your MSPE and make suggestions or corrections. 

    If you do not recieve these emails within a business day of completing Step 2, contact Dave Etler or Kerry Lao (see below for contact info).

    Step 4:  At the appointed time, you will review your MSPE draft at Dave or Kerry's desk, and then go to your community director or dean’s office to consult with them.

    Step 5: After your meeting, and after your grades through the end of the M3 year are received from your clerkships, and after your community director or OSAC dean has written the final paragraph, your MSPE will be completed and you will be invited back to complete another review of the MSPE.

    • Comments from clerkships taken up through the the block that ends in mid-August will be included in the final MSPE.  Honors points accrued through the block that ends in mid-September will be included in the final MSPE.

    Step 6: Following final checks by the OSAC Registrar's staff, your MSPE will be uploaded to ERAS on the business day just prior to October 1.

    Step 7: Your MSPE will be released to residency programs on October 1.

    Remain in close contact with us during this process; if you aren't good about checking your email, take whatever steps are necessary to fix the problem.  Return pages, emails and phone calls promptly, or the MSPE may be written without your input.  

    If you have any questions, please contact Dave Etler (1191 MERF, 335-8058) or Kerry Lao (1216 MERF, 335-8278).  Direct technical difficulties to Dave.  Phone calls work best.

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