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  •  Research Distinction Track Mentors

    The Research Distinction Track Mentor is responsible for supervising a medical student who has elected to participate in research in a meaningful and substantial way during his/her medical school training. The mentor is responsible for overseeing the student as he/she pursues a research question, conducts literature reviews of relevant research, and engages in research opportunities relevant to a specific research question or more broadly relevant to the importance of research to the practice of medicine.

    Specific responsibilities of the Mentor are as follows.

    • The Mentor will submit a letter of nomination for his/her student to be considered for the Research Distinction Track.
    • With the student, the Mentor will develop a Research Activities Plan that outlines the research problem that the student is pursuing and lists relevant seminars, research meetings/conferences and journal clubs that the student will attend.
    • The Mentor will meet regularly with the student throughout the remaining years of medical school to discuss the research program, relevant current literature reviews and other research-related activities in which the student is participating (e.g., additional data collection, manuscript preparation).
    • Mentors are required to complete an Evaluation of the medical student at least once in the final (M4) year and more frequently if desired.
    • The Mentor will supervise his/her student's preparation of a manuscript of the research conducted. This manuscript must be formatted in a standardized manner including: objectives, background, methods, data analysis, results, discussion and future directions. Ideally this manuscript would be submitted for publication, but this is not a requirement of the Research Distinction Track program. If the manuscript has not been published by September 1 of the student's M4 year, it should be submitted (in at least draft form) to the Research Council for feedback and in order to have participation in RDT mentioned in the student's MSPE Letter for residency applications.
    • Finally, the Mentor will submit a Research Distinction Graduation Nomination Letter for his/her student outlining the work and accomplishments for the RDT no later than February 28 of the M4 year. This letter will be submitted with the student's portfolio of work during the final review meeting for candidates to be graduated with Research Distinction.