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  • Introduction to Medical Education

    Notable Quotes from 2013 IMEI Participants   


     "This program is what made my decision to attend the Carver College of Medicine. I was a non-traditional student and a non-science student and this program alleviated all of my concerns and anxieties about starting medical school without the science background that most other students have from their undergraduate degree." 

     "It's a great program for getting acquainted with the campus, its facilities, and the area. It's also great for learning how to adjust to medical school, learning good study habits, and overall feeling prepared for the fall. It was also a lot of fun and a great way to meet people in the school."

     "The program gave me such a great amount of knowledge and as the program progressed, confidence in my ability to succeed in medical school.  That type of knowledge over a summer is irreplaceable and I believe will help me succeed as a future physician."  

     "I loved the program! I would recommend it to anyone entering into medical school. My confidence level is much higher, and my overall understanding the medical school will really help me to adapt in the fall." 

     "I really feel that IMEI was a great experience and gave a great introduction to the fall semester. Although it was a lot of work, the baseline knowledge I have now and the friends that I've made will make the transition in the fall a lot easier."