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  • Introduction to Medical Education

    Notable Quotes from 2014 IMEI Participants   


    "IMEI helped me immensely to prepare for the fall semester.  I feel very familiar with the campus and the resources available.  I really enjoyed the lectures and being able to learn appropriate ways to study and manage my time in order to be successful on the exams and retain the information for the future."   

    "It was really useful in getting us acquainted with a number of faculty and staff that we’ll meet again in the fall.  I also think that the introduction to Case-based learning and the patient interviews is extremely useful in preparing us for what is coming in the fall."

    "I felt extremely supported as a student.  From the Teaching Associates, lab TAs, instructors and support staff, I felt like I had a wealth of resources and always had someone I could reach out to for assistance.  The exposure to both new and old topics is invaluable.  I feel comfortable about approaching the upcoming semester and have much more confidence than I did prior to IMEI."

    "Although medical school has not officially begun, IMEI seems to be a very accurate depiction of medical school in terms of course load and time commitment.  The TAs were amazing with teaching the course material.  Being introduced to a variety of professors before school has begun was great.  Overall, the instruction for this course was the best instruction I have received in the past four years.  As a result, I am really excited to begin medial school this upcoming fall." 

    "Simply put, it was a fantastic way to transition into medical school.  I feel more comfortable with the Iowa City area, more confident in my academic skills, and have a group of friends before class has even started."