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  • Financial Support for Global Opportunities

    Many medical students face financial challenges when considering the pursuit of a Global Programs elective. Funding opportunities will be listed on this site as they come to our attention. We also encourage you to consider the following:

    • Prepare two budgets for yourself. One should be your ideal (but responsible) budget if resources were to be made available. The second should be your barebones budget. What is the minimal amount of funding that you will need to make your plans a reality? Consider not only ways to increase your funding but also ways to decrease your expenditures.
    • Apply for support from multiple sources. Explore UI funding opportunities through the Global Programs Office within the College of Medicine, the College of Public Health, the UI Center for Human Rights, and the Office of International Programs. Search for local, national and international support through service and religious organizations. Search out medical specialty organizations such as in tropical medicine or pediatrics. Seek out research possibilities. Search national professional medical associations such as AMWA and AMSA.
    • Remember, funding is most often competitive. A poorly written proposal is neither a good use of your time nor the selection committee’s. Define your educational objectives as well as your strategy to achieve your goals. How will you prepare in advance for your program? How will you evaluate your progress towards your goals?
    • When you successfully apply for funding, thank the funders. They will appreciate knowing how their funds were used.
    • If you find a new source of funding, let us know so that we can list the source for future students.

    Funding Sources