MD Program

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1150 MERF
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2600
Phone:(319) 384-3027
Fax: (319) 335-8643

  • Core Faculty and Staff

    Ellen Franklin, MBA, MA, MME manages the Performance-Based Assessment Program.

    George Bergus, MD, MA (Ed), directs the Performance-Based Assessment Program.

    Barbara Brown, Curricula Administrative Services Coordinator, processes payroll, orders supplies, and supports Ellen, the SPs, and Dr. Bergus as needed.

    Clerkship Staff and Directors

    Clerkship Staff Member Faculty Director
    APM  Hugh Hansen Shawna Westerman, MD
    OB/Gyn  John Kippes Colleen Stockdale, MD
    PA   Carol S. Gorney, PA or
    David Asprey, PA
    Peds  Cathy Chavez  Patty Quigley, MD
    Psych Teresa Young Anthony Miller, MD or
    Jess Fiedorowicz, MD
    Surgery Jason Dwight  Carlos Pelaez, MD

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