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  • Loans for Computer Purchases     

    A program called Power Up was required for students entering CCOM the fall of 2010. Entering class of 2011 purchased their own laptops configured with many of the applications needed for the first two years of your educational experience in the curriculum to be ready for use in computer-based tests that are administered throughout the curriculum. If you entered medical school BEFORE the fall 2010 (MSTP student for example), you would be eligible for this adjustment. If you entered in the fall 2010 or after, you are not eligible for this adjustment since it was figured in your M1 Cost of Attendance.

    Incoming M1's, please see Admissions website for mandatory specifications for your laptop to be used as UI-CCOM student.

    Stafford Loan (usually Unsub or Grad Plus Loan) - $1,500 max

    1. Purchase computer first, but make sure your items are not on excluded list on form above.
    2. Submit to CCOM Financial Services office: computer purchase adjustment form, receipt and description of computer system purchased with ‘bill to’ and ‘ship to’ in the students name and showing payment made.
    3. After the adjustment is made and the loan processed, loans typically take 2-3 weeks after processing begins. These adjustments are typically provided to you in one disbursement.
    4. Can include: laptop OR desktop computer, word processing and anti virus software, printer and surge protector – check with Financial Aid if other items are desired to see if they can be covered according to federal regulations. Everything does not have to be purchased from the same supplier or at exactly the same time, but all system components should all be purchased within a few weeks of initial purchase. The items can only be claimed as a one time adjustment on the same form.
    5. Amount borrowed added to total amount of Stafford loan or Grad Plus (usually unsub). Many retail stores and computer companies offer educational discounts/deals for student. You may want to check out deals on the University of Iowa ITS website: