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  • Letters of Recommendation

    A Premedical Advisory Committee Report is required. If your school does not have a Premedical Advisory Committee, please request individual letters of evaluation from 3 people: 2 academic and 1 of your choice. A fourth letter may be sent from a person associated with a particularly significant extracurricular experience. These letters should come from individuals who can assess your personal (as well as academic) qualities, such as work ethic, reliability, communication skills, leadership, altruism, compassion, and motivation for medicine.

    • For MD/PhD applicants, one of the letters must come from the research mentor of your most significant research experience. If you you have had several research experiences of equal significance, choose the mentor who best knows your research skills and commitment to a career in biomedical research.
    • Non-traditional applicants who are some years removed from their undergraduate degree may be better served with individual letters from more recent experiences.
    • Postbaccalaureate Programs: If you are participating in a program that issues a comprehensive report, please designate this report in place of a Premedical Advisory Committee Report.

    As the Carver College of Medicine is participating in the AMCAS Letter Service, you will be asked to choose your letter types on your AMCAS application. All letters of recommendation must be submitted through AMCAS.

    In summary, these are your choices:

    1. Committee Letter - Make this selection if your school is sending a Premedical Advisory Committee Report (which may or may not include individual letters), or your Postbac Program is sending a comprehensive report. For MD/PhD applicants only: If your research mentor's letter is not included in a packet or committee letter, you may designate an individual letter for this person.
    2. Packet - Make this selection if your school is sending a "Packet" of letters consisting of at least 3 (and preferably not more than 4) individual letters from your premedical office.
    3. Letters - Make this selection if individual letters are submitted to AMCAS directly from the letter writers. This selection requires 3 letters, but no more than 4.

    Once letters have been accepted by the Carver College of Medicine, no substitutions or additions may be made. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.