Internal Medicine

  • Master Clinician Program

    Information for Faculty

    Clinical Teachers' Community
    All of us are somewhere along a professional development pathway in our ability to teach in clinical settings. [more...]

     Faculty Development for Master Clinicians

    Formal faculty development programs include a range of activities which impart or renew faculty skills in teaching, research, administration, career planning and decision-making. Focused programs are often necessary for institutions to effect curricular change and the improvements in instructional and evaluative methods obligatory to maintaining educational quality.

    • Orientation to the profession, the institution and its culture
    • Teaching skills – clinical teaching, large and small group teaching, lectures and Socratic method
    • Networking and mentoring
    • Educational leadership and administration
    • Adult learning theory
    • Curriculum design
    • Program evaluation
    • Educational research and scholarship
    • Learner assessment
    • Career advancement