Internal Medicine

  • Master Clinician Program

    Clinical Teachers' Community

    All of us are somewhere along a professional development pathway in our ability to teach in clinical settings.  To do so effectively, we must be fascinated by this challenge, motivated to grow our capabilities, possess a broad range of skills and insights, and be willing to unleash them in a judicious manner.

    Beginning January 2013, we will conduct a monthly 'Clinical Teachers' Community' as a regular forum in which to explore the art & science of patient-based education.  Specifically, we will address:

    1. Bedside and small group educational tactics
    2. Requisite knowledge of teaching pedagogy, clinical content, and approaches to improve our self-awareness and ability to read teaching environments
    3. Use of teaching "stories," that is, situations where our teaching efforts soared and also those where our clinical teaching efforts were less than successful

    We hope that this is a professional development activity that may fit your interests and needs.  Our clinical care & learning environments are undergoing such immense changes that our ability to handcraft the next generation of outstanding internists is gravely threatened.  We are certain that whatever content & format we start with will undoubtedly evolve as we discover what best meets our needs. 

    Program Facilitators: Mark Wilson and Scott Wilson