Internal Medicine

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    Thad Abrams, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor

    Thad Abrams

    Thad Abrams received his Bachelor of Science degree from Luther College in 1996.  He received his medical degree from the University of Iowa in 2000 and went on to complete his residency with The University of Iowa in 2005 in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry.  In 2007, he completed his M.S. in Clinician Scientist Training as well as completing a fellowship in quality improvement with the Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars program.  In 2008, he became a Fellow Associate in Health Services Research Internal Medicine with the University of Iowa. From 2009-2010, he worked as an Associate in Internal Medicine in the University of Iowa and was promoted to the rank of  Assistant Professor in the Internal Medicine Division in 2010.

    In his spare time, Dr. Abrams enjoys trout fishing and is an avid runner and woodworker.

    Why do I do the work that I do?: “I continue to be challenged to find new and innovative ways to incorporate my clinical practice and research in effort to improve the care of patients with combined medical and psychiatric illness.  As well, I am equally humbled by the opportunity to share a deep and rewarding relationship with Veterans that have sacrificed so much for their fellow citizens.”

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