Iowa Institute of Human Genetics

  • CYP2C19 Ordering and Shipping Instructions

    To Order the CYP2C19 Test

    • Test kits are provided by the IIHG. Orders may be placed online here. Included in your kit will be the saliva collection tube, collection protocol instructions, and test requisition form.
    • This test must be ordered by a health care provider. Patients are not permitted to order the test for themselves.

    Completing the Test

    • Follow the DNAGenotek protocol for saliva collection using the provided ORAcollect saliva collection kit.
      • This test is done by swiping the provided soft sponge, similar to a cotton swab, along the gums to collect a small saliva sample.
    • Complete the provided Test Requisition Form.

    Shipping Requirements

    • After collection, samples should be stored and shipped at room temperature
    • Delivery: will receive Monday-Friday
    • Samples must be labeled with the patient's name and date of birth. Samples received without both pieces of information cannot be processed and will be discarded.
    • Seal sample in the provided sealed biohazard bag with absorbent material. Place both the completed requisition form and the sealed, labeled sample in the bubble wrap envelop and mail to:

    Iowa Institute of Human Genetics
    University of Iowa
    285 Newton Road, 5296 CBRB
    Iowa City, IA 52242
    Phone: (319) 335-3688


    • The IIHG will bill your institution for the test. We do not bill patients directly.
    • We cannot accept credit card payments at this time.
    • This test corresponds with CPT Code 81225

    Results Reporting

    • This test takes about 2 weeks to process after receipt at the IIHG lab. Result reports will be faxed to the referring physician(s) indicated on the test requisition, at that time.