UI Genetics Cluster Hire Initiative

  • Current Opportunities

    Statistical Genomics/Proteomics in the Department of Biostatistics

    The College of Public Health will hire a tenure-track faculty member with expertise in statistical genomics/proteomics and the analysis of high throughput genomic data. The appointment will be as an assistant or associate professor. Requirements will be a PhD in statistics or biostatistics, or equivalent, and appropriate preparation to develop an independent research agenda in this area. Senior faculty will provide academic mentoring and facilitate contacts for development of collaborations with one or more group of biomedical researchers on campus. The individual will teach courses for students across the university on how to use and interpret results from such analyses. The faculty member will contribute to the graduate program in biostatistics, providing badly needed additional expertise in this area, as well as graduate programs in related areas. Scientific mentoring will be provided by Dr. Jian Huang (joint appointment in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science and the Department of Biostatistics) and also Dr. Yi Xing (primary appointment in Department of Internal Medicine and secondary appointment in Departments of Biostatistics and Biomedical Engineering) both of whom have expertise in the statistical analysis of high throughput genomic data and the design of experiments to collect such genomic data.