FUTURE in Biomedicine

  • Research Symposium

    7th Annual FUTURE in Biomedicine Program
    Research Symposium
    Friday, July 31, 2015
    1:00-5:00 pm
    Urmila Sahai Seminar Room (2117), Medical Education Research Facility


    Schedule of Events

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    1:00 pm - Introductory Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D.

    1:15 pm - Melinda Green, PhD - Cornell College, Mt Vernon
    Cardiac Risk and Disordered Eating: Decreased Mean R Wave Amplitude

    1:35 pm - Heriberto Hernandez, PhD - Grinnell College, Grinnell
    Ruth Ann Henriksen FUTURE in Biomedicine Fellow
    The Role of Thermodynamics in the Formulation of Pharmaceuticals
    UI Faculty Host: Michael Schnieders, Biochemistry/Biomedical Engineering

    1:55 pm - BREAK

    2:05 pm - Gary Goombs, PhD - Waldorf College, Forest City
    The Role of Lamins in Regulating Muscle Function and Metabolism
    UI Faculty Host: Lori Wallrath, Biochemistry

    2:25 pm - Heidi Sleister, PhD - Drake University, Des Moines
    Engaging the Next Generation in Hands-on Inquiry

    2:45 pm - Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

    3:20 pm - Adina Kilpatrick, PhD - Drake University, Des Moines
    NMR structural studies of calcim-binding regulatory proteins
    UI Faculty Host: Madeline Shea, Biochemistry

    3:40 pm - Joseph Nguyen, PhD - Mt Mercy University, Cedar Rapids
    Utilizing Transmission Electron Microscopy to Characterize MDV Infections in a Live Host
    UI Faculty Host: Keith Jarosinski, Microbiology

    4:00 pm - BREAK

    4:10 pm - Barbara Christie-Pope, PhD - Cornell College, Mt Vernon
    Testing whether skin pigmentation levels affect the severity of Parkson's disease symptoms
    UI Faculty Host: Robert Cornell, Anatomy and Cell Biology

    4:30 pm - Abebe Mengesha, PhD - Drake University, Des Moines
    Triggerable lipid-based local delivery of chemotherapy: Smart medical system
    UI Faculty Host: Name, Department

    4:50 pm - Closing Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D., Director



    Poster Presentations by Class of 2015 Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

    Coe College - Physics

    Collin Wilkinson, Ugur Akgun, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and Dongxu Wang, Ph.D. (UI Radiation Oncology)
    A Novel Proton Imaging Detector Design

    Cornell College - Biology

    Shashanna Moll, Barbara Christie-Pope, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and Robert Cornell, Ph.D. (UI Anatomy and Cell Biology)
    Parkinson's Disease and Melanoma: Using zebrafish to explore the roles of ion channel TRPM7 in dopamine neurons and melanocytes

    Dordt College - Biology

    Seth Steenwyk, Hannah Van Maanen, Jeff Ploegstra, PhD (2014 Better Futures for Iowans Awardee)
    Genetic variability of the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase gene in Round-up resistant soil bacteria

    Drake University - Biology

    Alexandra Howland-Lopez, Jerry Honts, Ph.D. (2015 Visiting Fellow)
    and Madeline Shea, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
    Reconstitution of a contractile assembly from the membrane skeleton of the ciliated protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila

    Drake University - Pharmaceutics

    Dillon Krotz, Abebe Mengesha, Ph.D. (2015 Visiting Fellow)
    Determining the formulation of Doxazosin Mesylate and Finasteride in a single dosage form

    Grinnell College - Chemistry

    Julia Rumley, Alitza Shutt, Heriberto Hernandez, Ph.D. (2015 Ruth Ann Henriksen Fellow)
    and Michael Schnieders, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry/Biomedical Engineering)
    The Importance of Methanol Absorption Thermodynamics to the Flexibility of Caffiene: Halide-Nitrobenzoic Acid Cocrystals

    Hawkeye Community College - Natural Sciences

    John Reed, D. Randy Mercer, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and Wendy Maury, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology) and NSF REU Site: Microbiology at the University of Iowa
    Finding Wohlbachia pipientis in Iowa mosquitos

    Kirkwood Community College - LSAMP/IINSPIRE

    Adam Page, Eric Weatherford, Ph.D.,
    and E. Dale Abel, M.D., Ph.D. (UI Internal Medicine)
    Cloning & Testing of FGF21 Promoter Reporter

    Mount Mercy University - Biology

    Monica Steffen, Ryan Bezy, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and David Weiss, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology)
    Characterization of the role of yedR in Escherichia coli cell division

    Mount Mercy University - Chemistry

    Amanda Dolley, Joseph Nguyen, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and Keith Jarosinski, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology)
    Optimizing preparation conditions of live MDV infected samples for transmission electron microscopy

    St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

    Dulce Chavez, Theresa L. Gioannini Women-in-Science Fellow
    and Jerrold Weiss, Ph.D. (UI Internal Medicine)
    Improving Detection of Bioactive Endotoxin in Organic Dust

    Waldorf College - Biology

    Maria Valdes, Gary Coombs, Ph.D. (2015 Senior Fellow)
    and Lori Wallrath, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
    Manipulating metabolic pathways to suppress muscular dystrophy