FUTURE in Biomedicine

  • Research Symposium

    6th Annual FUTURE in Biomedicine Program
    Research Symposium
    Friday, August 1, 2014
    1:00-5:00 pm
    Beisner Auditorium, 3rd Floor



    Schedule of Events

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    1:00 pm - Introductory Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D.

    1:15 pm - Ryan Bezy, Ph.D. - Mt. Mercy University, Cedar Rapids
    Characterization of YedR, a Novel Cell Division Protein in Escherichia coli
    UI Host: David Weiss, Microbiology

    1:35 pm - Shawn Ellerbroek, Ph.D. - Wartburg College, Waverly
    Coupling Actin to Cell Adhesions
    UI Host: Kris DeMali, Biochemistry

    1:55 pm - BREAK

    2:05 pm - Randy Mercer, Ph.D. - Hawkeye Community College, Waterloo
    Better Futures for Iowans Fellow
    Variability in Wolbachia Infections of Mosquitoes: a Key to Invasion Success?
    UI Host: Wendy Maury, Microbiology

    2:25 pm - Stephanie Toering Peters, Ph.D. - Wartburg College, Waverly
    Loss of Dgk Impairs Synapse Function and Structure
    UI Host: Andy Frank, Anatomy and Cell Biology

    2:45 pm - Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Researchers and Alumni

    3:20 pm - Adam Moser, Ph.D. - Loras College, Dubuque
    Simulating Phosphoproteins using Coarse Grain Models

    UI Host: Adrian Elcock, Biochemistry

    3:40 pm - Jerry Honts, Ph.D. - Drake University, Des Moines
    Tetrahymena Tcb2 Protein: a Novel Calcium-binding Protein that Forms a Contractile Assembly
    UI Host: Madeline Shea, Biochemistry

    4:00 pm - BREAK

    4:10 pm - Michael Leonardo, Ph.D. - Coe College, Cedar Rapids
    Control of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Biofilm Formation by Intra- and Interspecies Communication
    UI Host: Linda McCarter, Microbiology

    4:30 pm - Ugur Akgun, Ph.D. - Coe College, Cedar Rapids
    Proton Imaging with a High Density Scintillating Glass Calorimeter

    UI Host: Dongxu Wang, Radiation Oncology

    4:50 pm - Closing Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D., Director




    Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Researchers - Class of 2014

    Coe College - Biology

    Chas Messer, Michael Leonardo, Ph.D. (2014 Fellow)
    and Linda McCarter, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology)
    Mixed Strain Biofilms: Competition and Cooperation between Vibrio and Shewanella Strains

    Coe College - Physics

    Amy Dong, David Pritchett, Ugur Akgun, Ph.D. (2014 Fellow)
    and Dongxu Wang, Ph.D. (UI Radiation Oncology)
    Simulating A Glass Proton Imaging Detector

    Loras College - Chemistry

    Alexis Hanson, Jason Derby, Adam Moser, Ph.D. (2014 Fellow)
    and Adrian Elcock, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
    Developing Force Fields for Phosphoprotein Simulations

    Mount Mercy University - Biology

    David Stanek, Ryan Bezy, Ph.D. (2014 Senior Fellow)
    and David Weiss, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology)
    A Genetic Analysis of the Role of yedR in Escherichia coli Cell Divisions

    Wartburg College - Biology

    Jessa Bidwell, Stephanie Toering Peters, Ph.D. (2014 Senior Fellow)
    and Andy Frank, Ph.D. (UI Anatomy and Cell Biology)
    The Roles of Diacylglycerol Kinase in Synapse Development and Function