Family Medicine

  • 42st Annual Refresher Course for the Family Physician

    Refresher Course 2014General Information

        April 14-17, 2015
        Coralville Marriott Hotel and Convention Center 
        300 East Ninth Street 
        Coralville, Iowa

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    The purpose of this refresher course is to provide practicing family physicians a comprehensive overview of clinical issues relevant to contemporary family medicine. Lectures, case presentations, opportunities for questions and answers — all combine to create a fast-moving and useful educational experience. The course should prove especially useful for those preparing themselves for examination by the American Board of Family Practice.

    Sponsored by

        University of Iowa Health Care 
        Department of Family Medicine 
        Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine 
        The University of Iowa 
        UI Center for Conferences
        250 CEF 
        Iowa City, Iowa 52242-0907