Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

  • Seminars Supporting Career Success

    Committed to your career success and continued learning, our goal with each and every seminar is to provide meaningful learning opportunities by offering topics that:

    • Add to your knowledge and understanding of the promotion process, and
    • Further advance your already developed interpersonal skills and organizing attributes

    At most sessions, we have co-facilitator teams comprised of senior faculty and content experts. Our seminars foster dialogue and begin by responding to questions you may have.

    To view our seminar offerings, click on a faculty demographic below. To register, just email the session you wish you attend. After each session and as appropriate, we post notes, audio as well as hand-outs.

    With feedback, ideas on future topics or suggestions for improvement, please email

    Seminars for Assistant Professors and Associates

    Seminars for Associate Professors

    Seminars for All Faculty Members