Office of Faculty Affairs and Development


    Collegiate New Faculty Orientation

    The New Faculty Orientation is an academic Orientation designed to familiarize new faculty with the resources and individuals important to professional growth and development in the Carver College of Medicine. Information will be presented on the Carver College of Medicine mission, cultural values, educational mission and process for professional advancement. This event also provides an opportunity for networking with other new faculty and to meet administrative colleagues. College of Medicine New Faculty Orientation takes place twice a year in August and February. Following is a list of information covered in the half-day session:

    • Basic Research: Michael Apicella, MD
    • Career Development: Paul Casella, MFA and Kristi Ferguson, PhD
    • Clinical Research: Pat Winokur, MD
    • Diversity:  Sherree Wilson, PhD
    • Finance: Mark Hingtgen, MPA
    • Information Technology: Boyd Knosp, MS
    • Medical Education: Christopher Cooper, MD
    • Promotion and Tenure: Lois Geist, MD
    • Service and Governance: Executive Committee Representatives
  • Orientation Dates

    Collegiate Faculty Orientation is held twice a year in August and February.

    The next Carver College of Medicine Faculty Orientation date will be:  

    Friday, February 7, 2014  8:00am - 12:00pm
    Seebohm Conference Room (283 EMRB)

    Contact Jane Holland for further information.