Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

  • 2014- 2015 Executive Committee Roster

    Polly Ferguson, MD, Chairperson
    Deborah Segaloff, PhD, Vice-Chairperson
    Melinda Johnson, MD, Secretary

    Name Title Executive Committee Position Held Email Term
    Brad Amendt, PhD Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology  Tenure Track Professor, Basic Science 2014-2017
    D. Lee Bennett, MD Professor of Radiology Clincal Track Professor 2014-2017
    Donald Black, MD Professor of Psychiatry Tenure Track Professor, Clinical Department 2009-2012
    Steven Clegg, PhD Professor of Microbiology Tenure Track Professor, Basic Science 2014-2017
    Polly Ferguson, MD Associate Professor of Pediatrics Tenure Track Associate Professor, Clinical Department 2013-2016
    Melinda Johnson, MD    Associate Professor of Internal Medicine    Clincal Track Associate Professor, Clinical Department 2012-2015
    Kathleen Kieran, MD Assistant Professor of Urology   Clincal Track Assistant Professor 2014-2016
    Al Klingelhutz, PhD Associate Professor of Microbiology Tenure Track Associate Professor, Basic Science 2012-2015
    W. Thomas Lawrence, MD  Professor of Surgery  Tenure Track Professor, Clinical Department 2012-2015
    Kalpaj Parekh, MD Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Clinical Department 2013-2016
    James Potash, MD Professor and Chair of Psychiatry Head & Chair Representative 2014-2016
    Robert Raw, MD Professor of Anesthesia Clincal Track Professor 2014-2017
    Deborah Segaloff, PhD Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics  Tenure Track Professor, Basic Science 2010-2013
    Curt Sigmund, PhD Professor and  Chair of Pharmacology Head & Chair Representative 2013-2015
    Michael Wagoner, MD, PhD Professor of Ophthalomology & Visual Sciences  Tenure Track Professor, Clinical Department 2014-2017