Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

  • Article VI. Committees

    1.0 General Statement: There shall be standing and special committees with appropriate representation from basic science and clinical areas. Permanent records of committee deliberations shall be kept in the dean's office.

    2.0 Types of Committees:

    2.10 Standing Committees

    2.11 Standing committees may be appointed by the dean or elected by the faculty. The members shall ordinarily serve a term of three years, so staggered that not more than one-third of the committee will be changed each year. 

    2.12 Faculty members of appointed standing committees shall be chosen from nominations provided by the Executive Committee.

    2.13 Elected Standing Committees shall be chosen by the faculty according to procedures outlined in this document or in a University procedure.

    2.20 Special Committees

    2.21 Special committees may be created by the dean, the Executive Committee, the Medical Council, or the faculty. They will be given their charge by appointing authority.

    2.22 The term of office may be designated by the appointing authority or continuous until the task is completed.

    3.0 Reports

    3.1 Special committees shall report in writing to their appointing authority, whenever a specific assignment is completed. A committee may also report its progress on its own initiative or upon request of its appointing authority. A copy of the report shall be kept on file in the dean's office.

    3.2 Standing committees shall report in writing to the faculty at least annually, or on their own initiative, or on request of the faculty, the Executive Committee, or the dean.  Appropriate minutes of elected faculty committees shall be available to members of the faculty on request.