Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

  • What to Expect from a Vision Rehabilitation Evaluation at the University of Iowa

    Your services begin even before you come to our clinic. After your appointment has been scheduled, our vision rehabilitation educator will contact you to ask questions about your health, eye condition, and visual goals--the things you would like to do, but cannot do now because of loss of vision. We use all of this information to plan your visit. When you come to our clinic, the vision rehabilitation specialist will evaluate your visual skills, talk with you and your family about problems caused by your visual impairment and explain how you can make the best use of your vision through training, devices and services. Together, you, the vision rehabilitation specialist and the vision rehabilitation team develop a rehabilitation plan to help you meet your visual goals. Carrying out the plan may take several visits over the next few days or weeks. During training sessions, the vision rehabilitation educator teaches you new ways to use your vision as well as any recommended devices. You can learn about services available by mail and in your community. We can also arrange for a specialist to adapt your home and integrate your new skills and devices into your daily activities. Optical devices are available for trial in your home to be sure that they fulfill your specific needs and training in the use of these devices is provided. We will send a full report to your ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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    Dr. Wilkinson demonstrates the use of a video magnifier to read a newspaper.