Emergency Medicine

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    ATV Simulator

    Research interests in the Department of Emergency Medicine continue to evolve and include areas of general interest to the specialty, including trauma, resuscitation, pain management, and healthcare outcomes.

    Faculty members are active participants in an interdisciplinary University of Iowa All-Terrain Vehicle Injury Surveillance and Prevention Program. The program includes development of strategies for gathering of data related to ATV injuries, simulation and design for safety, public education programs and has implications for improved public policy.

    Other faculty research interests within the department include:

    • Alcohol safety and related illness prevention
    • Decreasing mortality in sepsis patients
    • Improving pain management
    • Neuroprotective agents in traumatic brain injury

    As research efforts within the department continue to grow, the department will soon appoint a vice chair dedicated to the mission who will be instrumental in developing and guiding initiatives into more formal research programs.