Emergency Medicine

  • AirCare

    AirCare Helicopter

    Patients are transported via the University of Iowa’s Air and Mobile Critical Care Services.

    AirCare was the state's first air ambulance and the 11th in the nation. Established in 1979, AirCare operates two 24/7 bases, one located at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and the second located at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo. Total flight volume for the entire program is approximately 800 flights annually, including scene responses and inter-facility transports. In 2014 AirCare became the first air medical service based in Iowa to be CAMTS accredited.

    The University of Iowa transports critically ill Neonatal and Pediatric patients using AirCare as well as our MobileCare ground transport vehicles. These special patients are cared for by our Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team.

    Perky with Mobile Care