Biosciences Graduate Program

Jan-Uwe Rohde, PhD


Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information

Office: E357 CB
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-530

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PhD, Inorganic Chemistry, Christian Albrecht University Kiel

Research Summary

The central research theme in my group is the synthesis and investigation of reactive transition metal complexes that can be used for the activation of inert molecules, electron transfer, or atom/group transfer. Fundamental research in this area lays the foundation for the development of new synthetic methods that use energy and raw materials (e.g., hydrocarbons) more efficiently or utilize abundant and environmentally benign reagents (e.g., O2, N2O). In bioinorganic chemistry, we are interested in unraveling the chemistry of nitrogen oxides and complexes of first-row transition metals (e.g., Fe, Co, Ni). Research in our group provides students with broad experience in synthesis, spectroscopic methods, X-ray crystallography, and reactivity studies. To access and stabilize novel molecules and structures, we employ a range of diverse nitrogen-donor ligands (such as neutral, anionic, redox-inactive, and redox-active ligands) and develop synthetic routes to new complexes of these ligands. Detailed spectroscopic (i.e., UV-Vis-NIR, IR, NMR, EPR, XAS) and crystallographic studies are performed in order to elucidate the electronic structure of complexes exhibiting unusual redox states or intriguing reactivity.

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