Biosciences Graduate Program

J. Bruce B. Tomblin, PhD


Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Contact Information

Office: 7 SHC
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-745

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BA, Psychology, University of La Verne - Greece
MS, Speech, University of Redlands
PhD, Communicative Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Summary

My research is generally concerned with developmental language impairment. The research I have been conducting concerns the following topics: course of spoken language impairment, validity of different diagnostic standards for language impairment, association of reading and written language disorder with spoken language impairment, association of child psychopathologies and behavior disorders with earlier and concurrent spoken language impairment, genetic factors contributing to a liability for spoken language and reading impairment. I have been addressing these questions through three research programs that have employed children with specific language impairment, children with hearing impairment most of whom have received cochlear implants, and family members of children with either specific language impairment, or children with autism.

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