Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center

  • Current Research Award Recipients

    Two five-year Research Scholar Awards will be given to tenure track faculty who show outstanding promise in the field of diabetes/obesity research.  Additionally, the FOE DRC Pilot Project Program awards $50,000 annually to young investigators who propose to establish a research career in diabetes/obesity, to senior investigators in another field who want to explore a project related to diabetes/obesity, or to an established diabetes/obesity investigator who proposes to pursue an entirely new approach.  Recipients are chosen based on a competitive evaluation of proposals submitted by the applicants. 

    Research Scholar Recipients


    Christopher Adams, MD, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism
    To investigate how conditions such as diabetes alter muscle gene expression and  how these changes in gene expression cause muscle astrophy



    Andrew Norris, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics - Endocrinology and Diabetes
    Associate Professor of Biochemistry
    Project Title: "To identify early points of intervention that will serve to reduce a person's lifetime risk of diabetes"


    Kamal Rahmouni, PhD
    Associate Professor, Pharmacology
    Project Title: "To provide new insights into why certain individuals develop diabetes or its complications"  


    Current Pilot Project Program Recipients


    Charlie Brenner, PhD

    Roy J. Carver Chair of Biochemistry
    To study the impact of nicotinamide riboside (NR) in the treatment or prevention of diabetic neuropathy.


    Michael Lutter, MD, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    To study the genetics of feeding behavior.


    Philip Polgreen, MD, MPH

    Associate Professor
    Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases
    To evaluate a novel tool using text messaging and smart pedometer technology and interactive gaming to promote sustained weight loss in patients with obesity and insulin resistance. The study will specifically determine if adding personalized information to FitBit text messages increases compliance, activity and ultimately affects clinically important outcomes.


     Justin Grobe, PhD, FAHA

    Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology
    Collaborating Investigator: John R. Kirby, PhD
    Project Title: “Non-Aerobic Resting Metabolism: An Untapped Obesity Target? 



    Vitor Lira, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Health & Human Physiology
    Collaborating Investigators: Eric Taylor, PhD and Chris Adams, MD, PhD
     “Regulation of ACC levels and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle by ULK1-dependent autophagy”   


    Robert C. Piper
    Professor, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
    Director, Carver College of Medicine Core Facilities
    Project Title: “To investigate the molecular basis for how insulin increases glucose transport in muscle and adipose”