• Iowa Dermatological Society

     The mission of the Iowa Dermatoloy Society shall be the promotion of the study of dermatology, collegiality in its practice, and its application to the education and well-being of the citizens of Iowa. (October, 2013)

    2014-2015 Officers

    Jennifer Palmer, M.D.

    David Knutson II, M.D.
    Vice President/President-Elect

    Karolyn Wanat, M.D.

    Administrative Staff

    Lisa Lammer
    Executive Secretary

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address
    Iowa Dermatological Society
    c/o Department of Dermatology
    40041 PFP
    200 Hawkins Drive
    Iowa City, IA 52242-1090

    Phone Number
    (319) 356-3609
    Fax Number
    (319) 353-6284

    Iowa Dermatological Society