Matthew J. Thurtell, MBBS, MSc


Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact Information

Primary Office: 11290-E PFP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Primary Office Phone: 319-356-1951



BS, Medicine, University of Sydney
MBBS, Medicine and Surgery, University of Sydney
MSc, Medicine, University of Sydney

Internship, John Hunter Hospital
Residency, Internal Medicine, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Residency, Neurology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Fellowship, Advanced Training in Neurology (2005-2007)
Fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Physicians , Written & Clinical Examinations: Pass on first attempt (Not Graded, 2005)
Fellowship, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Case Western Reserve University
Fellowship, Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology, Emory University
US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USMLE Part 2 (CS): Pass (Not Graded)
US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USMLE Part 3: Pass (Grading: 243, 99)
US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates , USMLE Part 1: Pass (Grading: 238, 96)
US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USMLE Part 2 (CK): Pass (Grading: 258, 99)

Licensure and Certifications

Australian Specialist Registration Medical Board of Australia

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research

Selected Publications

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Ahmed R, Wilkinson M, Parker G, Thurtell M, Macdonald J, McCluskey P, Allan R, Dunne V, Hanlon M, Owler B, Halmagyi G.  Transverse sinus stenting for idiopathic intracranial hypertension: a review of 52 patients and of model predictions.  AJNR Am J Neuroradiol.  2011 September. 32(8):1408-1414.

Strupp M, Thurtell M, Shaikh A, Brandt T, Zee D, Leigh R.  Pharmacotherapy of vestibular and ocular motor disorders, including nystagmus.  J Neurol.  2011 July. 258(7):1207-22.

Thurtell M, Leigh R.  Nystagmus and saccadic intrusions.  Elsevier, Amsterdam.  2011. 102:333-378.

Shaikh A, Thurtell M, Optican L, Leigh R.  Pharmacological tests of hypotheses for acquired pendular nystagmus.  Ann N Y Acad Sci.  2011. 1233:320-326.

Thurtell M, Joshi A, Leigh R, Walker M.  Three-dimensional kinematics of saccadic eye movements in humans: is the "half-ange rule" obeyed?.  Ann N Y Acad Sci.  2011. 1233(1):33-40.

Thurtell M, Tomsak R, Daroff R.  What do I do now? Neuro-ophthalmology.  Oxford, New York;  2011.

Donaghy C, Thurtell M, Pioro E, Gibson J, Leigh R.  Eye movements in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and its mimics: a review with illustrative cases.  J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry.  2011 January. 82(1):110-116.

Thurtell M, Leigh R.  Therapy for nystagmus.  J Neuroophthalmol.  2010 December. 30(4):361-371.

Das V, Leigh R, Swann M, Thurtell M.  Muscimol inactivation caudal to the interstitial nucleus of Cajal induces hemi-seesaw nystagmus.  Exp Brain Res.  2010 September. 205(3):405-413.

Thurtell M, Joshi A, Leone A, Tomsak R, Kosmorsky G, Stahl J, Leigh R.  Crossover trial of gabapentin and memantine as treatment for acquired nystagmus.  Ann Neurol.  2010 May. 67(5):676-680.

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