Radiation Oncology

Dongxu Wang, PhD


Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Contact Information

Email: dongxu-wang@uiowa.edu


BSc, Physics, Nanjing University, China
MS, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
PhD, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Licensure and Certifications

Therapeutic Medical Physics American Board of Radiology
Authorized Medical Physicist in Radiation Therapy, Iowa

All Publications

Dinges E, McGuire S, Gross B, Bhatia S, Buatti J, Wang D.  Bone Marrow Sparing in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for Cervical Cancer: Efficacy and Robustness under Range and Setup Uncertainties.  Radiotherapy and Oncology.  2014. 

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  On proton CT reconstruction using MVCT-converted virtual proton projections.  Medical Physics.  2012 June. 39(6):2997-3008.

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  Bragg peak prediction from quantitative proton computed tomography using different path estimates.  Physics in Medicine and Biology.  2011 February 7. 56(3):587-599.

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  Conversion of x-ray sonogram to proton sonogram to address the limited-range issue in proton computed tomography.  2011. 

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  On the use of a proton path probability map for proton computed tomography reconstruction.  Journal of Medical Physics.  2010 August. 37(8):4138-4145.

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  Characterization of cubic spline and straight line path estimates for quantitive proton stopping power reconstruction and Bragg peak location prediction.  2010. 

Wang D, Mackie T, Tome W.  Proton computed tomography reconstruction using compressed sensing and prior image constrained compressed sensing.  2009. 

Axford D, Davis J, Wang N, Wang D, Zhang T, Zhao J, Peters B.  Molecularly resolved protein electromechanical properties.  Journal of Physical Chemistry.  2007 August 2. 111(30):9062-9068.

Wang D, Zhao J, Hu S, Yin X, Liang S, Liu Y, Deng S.  Where and how, does a nanowire break?.  Nano Letters.  2007 May. 7(5):1208-1212.

Zhao J, Huang Z, Yin X, Wang D, Uosaki K.  Theoretical analysis of the potential distribution and transportation behavior of the ordred alkyl monolayer-silicon junction.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  2006 December 28. 8(48):5653-5658.

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