Michael Lutter, MD, PhD


Associate Professor of Psychiatry  - Molecular Psychiatry

Contact Information

Office: 1320 Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building
169 Newton Rd
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-353-5425

Web: Michael Lutter Laboratory, Molecular Psychiatry Division


BS, Biological Chemistry, University of Chicago
PhD, Integrative Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
MD, Integrative Biology Graduate Program, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Residency, Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Licensure and Certifications

ABPN Certification: Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Selected Publications

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Kumar J, Chuang J, Kuperman A, Gillman A, Mukherjee S, Zigman J, McClung C, Lutter M.  Differential effects of chronic social stress and fluoxetine on meal patterns in mice.  Appetite.  2013 December 12. 64:81-88.

Cui H, Moore J, Drawbridge J, Han S, Hing B, Matthews A, McAdams C,  , Darbo B, Peiper A, Waller D, Xing C, Lutter M.  Eating disorder predisposition is associated with ESRRA and HDAC4 mutations..  Journal of Clinical Investigation.  2013 October 8. 123(11):4706-4713.

Xu P, Britt J, McDaniel L, Huntington P, Hodge R, Tran S, Mason B, Lee C, Vong L, Lowell B, Malenka R, Lutter M, Pieper A.  Double Deletion of melanocortin 4 receptors and SAPAP3 corrects compulsive behavior and obesity in mice.  Proceeding of the National Academy of Science of the USA.  2013 June 25. 110(26):10759-10763.

Cui H, Lutter M.  The expression of MC4Rs in D1R neurons regulates food intake and locomotor sensitization to cocaine.  Genes, Brain and Behavior.  2013 June 20. 12(6):658-65.

Mason B, Lobo M, Parada L, Lutter M.  Trk B signaling in dopamine 1 receptor neurons regulates food intake and body weight.  Obesity.  2013 March. 21(11):2372-2376.

Cui H, Mason B, Lee C, Nishi A, Elmquist J, Lutter M.  Melanocortin 4 receptor signaling in dopamine 1 receptor neurons is required for procedural memory learning.  Physiology & Behavior.  2012. 106(2):201-10.

Cui H, Sohn J, Gautron L, Funahashi H, Williams K, Elmquist J, Lutter M.  Neuroanatomy of melanocortin-4 receptor pathway in the lateral hypothalamic area..  The Journal of Comparative Neurology.  2012. 520(18):4168-83.

Vialou V, Cui H, Perello M, Mahgoub M, Yu H, Rush A, Pranav H, Jung S, Yangisawa M, Zigman J, Elmquist J, Nestler E, Lutter M.  A role for DeltaFosB in calorie restriction-induced metabolic changes..  Biological Psychiatry.  2011. 70(2):204-7.

Chuang J, Perello M, Sakata I, Osborne-Lawrence S, Savitt J, Lutter M, Zigman J.  Ghrelin mediates stress-induced food-reward behavior in mice..  The Journal of Clinical Investigation.  2011. 121(7):2684-92.

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