Alicia Olivier, DVM, PhD


Director, Comparative Pathology Laboratory
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Contact Information

Primary Office: 1163 Medical Laboratories
Iowa City, IA 52242
Primary Office Phone: 319-384-4668

Web: Comparative Pathology Laboratory


BS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
DVM, College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississipi State University, Starkville, MS
PhD, Veterinary Pathology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Residency, Veterinary Pathology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Licensure and Certifications

Veterinary Medicine License , Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Research Summary

Comparative pathology, Animal models of human disease, Rodent pathology, Cystic fibrosis, Lymphoma, Diabetes, Oxidative Damage, Host-pathogen interaction, Immunohistochemical development, Morphometry.

Selected Publications

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Olivier A, Sui H, Klesney-Tait  J, Brooks L, Skopec  A, Kline J, Sanchez  P, Meyerholz D, Zavazava  N, Iannettoni  M, Engelhardt  J, Parekh  K.  Ferret Lung Transplant: An Orthotopic Model of Obliterative Bronchiolitis.  American Journal of Transplantation.  2013. 13(2):467-73.

Olivier A, Yi Y, Sun X, Sui H, Liang B, Hu S, Xie W, Fisher J, Keiser N, Lei D, Zhou W, Yan Z, Li G, Evans T, Meyerholz D, Wang K, Stewart Z, Norris A, Engelhardt J.  Abnormal endocrine pancreas function at birth in cystic fibrosis ferrets.  The Journal of clinical investigation.  2012. 122(10):3755-68.

Joly S, Eisenbarth  S, Olivier A, Knepper-Adrian V, Williams A, Kaplan  D, Cassel S, Flavell R, Sutterwala  F.  Cutting edge: Nlrp10 is essential for protective antifungal adaptive immunity against Candida albicans.  Journal of Immunology.  2012. 189(10):4713-4717.

Olivier A, Naumann P, Goeken A, Hochstedler C, Sturm M, Rodgers J, Gibson-Corley K, Meyerholz D.  Genetically modified species in research: Opportunities and challenges for the histology core laboratory.  Journal of histotechnology.  2012. 35(2):63-67.

Lai I, Dhakal K, Gadupudi G, Li M, Ludewig G, Robertson L, Olivier A.  N-acetylcysteine (NAC) diminishes the severity of PCB 126-induced fatty liver in male rodents.  Toxicology.  2012. 302(1):25-33.

Gibson-Corley K, Hochstedler C, Sturm M, Rogers J, Olivier A, Meyerholz D.  Successful Integration of the Histology Core Laboratory in Translational Research.  Journal of histotechnology.  2012. 35(1):17-21.

Olivier A, Gallup J, van Geelen A, Ackermann M.  Exogenous administration of vascular endothelial growth factor prior to human respiratory syncytial virus a2 infection reduces pulmonary pathology in neonatal lambs and alters epithelial innate immune responses.  Experimental lung research.  2011. 37(3):131-43.

Sow F, Gallup J, Olivier A, Krishnan S, Patera A, Suzich J, Ackermann M.  Respiratory syncytial virus is associated with an inflammatory response in lungs and architectural remodeling of lung-draining lymph nodes of newborn lambs.  American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology.  2011. 300(1):L12-24.

Tao R, Coleman M, Pennington J, Ozden O, Park S, Jiang H, Kim H, Flynn C, Hill S, Hayes McDonald W, Olivier A, Spitz D, Gius D.  Sirt3-mediated deacetylation of evolutionarily conserved lysine 122 regulates MnSOD activity in response to stress.  Molecular cell.  2010. 40(6):893-904.

Olivier A, Gallup J, de Macedo M, Varga S, Ackermann M.  Human respiratory syncytial virus A2 strain replicates and induces innate immune responses by respiratory epithelia of neonatal lambs.  International journal of experimental pathology.  2009. 90(4):431-8.

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