Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences

Patricia A. Kirby, MBBCh


Medical Director, Surgical Pathology and Histology Laboratories
Director, CNS Pathology
Director, Pediatric Pathology
Clinical Professor of Pathology  - Anatomic Pathology
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Contact Information

Primary Office: 5239D Roy Carver Pavilion
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-4170

Email: patricia-kirby@uiowa.edu


MBBCh, University of the Witwatersrand
MMed, University of Stellenbosch Medical School and Tygernerg Hospital

Internship, Kalafong Hospital
Internship, McCord Zulu Hospital
Residency, Anatomical Pathology, South African Institute of Medical Research, University of the Witwatersrand
Residency, Orthopedics, 2 Military Hospital, Wynberg
Fellowship, MRCPath, Royal College of Pathologists
Fellowship, FRCPath, Royal College of Pathologists

Licensure and Certifications

Neuropathology, Royal College of Pathologists
Anatomical Pathology, South African Medical & Dental Council
General Med/Surgery, General Medical Council (UK)
General Med/Surgery, South African Medical & Dental Council

Research Summary

Research Interest include: Correlation of Tumor pathology with neuro-imaging studies (MRI, CT scan and Ultra-sound) Pediatric neuropathology Lateralization gene expression in embryonic mice Distribution of glial tumors in the state of Iowa Correlation of new imaging techniques with tumor therapy response vs. tumor progression. Current Projects Immunohistochemistry in Hirschprung's disease Iowa state Stillbirth registry reviewer.

All Publications

Jaber O, Kirby P.  Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma.  Arch Pathol Lab Med. .  2015 November 1. 11:1459-62.

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Winslow N, Adobe-lyamah K, Flouty O, Park B, Kirby P, Howard 3rd M,  .  Intraventricular foramen of Monro cavernous malformation..  J Clin Neurosci.  2015 June 22. 

Steussy B, Gailey M, Fuller E, Jans M, Lewis S, Guerin L, Kirby P, Robinson R.  Low-cost workflow improvement reduces gastrointestinal block use 17% by altering classic histotechnology testing..  Am J Clin Pathol..  2015 June. 143(6):861-4.

Lai L, McCarville M, Kirby P, Kao S, Moritani T, Clark E, Ishigami K, Bahrami A, Sato Y.  Shedding light on inflammatory pseudotumor in children: spotlight on inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor..  Pediatr Radiol..  2015 May 12. 

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