Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences

Elliott H. Sohn, MD


Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Contact Information

Primary Office: 11196 H PFP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Primary Office Phone: 319-356-8350

Email: elliott-sohn@uiowa.edu


BA, Chemistry, Williams College
MD, University of Washington School of Medicine

Internship, Internal Medicine, University of Washington
Residency, Ophthalmology, University of Washington
Fellowship, Medical Retina, Moorfields Eye Hospital
Fellowship, Vitreoretinal Surgery, Doheney Eye Institute/USC

Licensure and Certifications

State of Iowa Medical License, Iowa Board of Medicine
ABO Certification, American Board of Ophthalmology
NBME Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Carver Family Center for Macular Degeneration
Institute for Vision Research

All Publications

Sohn E, Khanna A, Tucker B, Abramoff M, Stone E, Mullins R.  Structural and biochemical analyses of choroidal thickness in human donor eyes.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.  2014 March 6. 55(3):1352-1360.

Sohn E, Flamme-Wiese M, Whitmore S, Wang K, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Loss of CD34 expression in aging human choriocapillaris endothelial cells.  PLOS One.  2014 January 21. 9(1):e86538.

Chin E, Almeida D, Sohn E.  Structural and functional changes after macular hole surgery. A review..  International Ophthalmology Clinics.  2014 Spring. 54(2):17-27.

Whitmore S, Braun T, Skeie J, Haas C, Sohn E, Stone E, Scheetz T, Mullins R.  Altered gene expression in dry age-related macular degeneration suggests early loss of choroidal endothelial cells.  Molecular Vision.  2013 November 16. 19:2274-2297.

Antony B, Abramoff M, Harper M, Jeong W, Sohn E, Kwon Y, Kardon R, Garvin M.  A combined machine-learning and graph-based framework for the segmentation of retinal surfaces in SD-OCT volumes.  Biomedical Optics Express.  2013 November 1. 4(12):2712-2728.

Strohbehn A, Sohn E.  Retinal detachment: From one medical student to another.  EyeRounds.org;  2013.  Available from: EyeRounds.org/tutorials/retinal-detachment-med-students

Tozer K, Roller A, Chong L, Sadda S, Folk J, Mahajan V, Russell S, Boldt H, Sohn E.  Combination therapy for neovascular age-related macular degeneration refractory to anti-vascular endothelial growth factor agents.  Ophthalmology.  2013 October. 120(10):2029-2034.

Sarraf D, Rahimy E, Fawzi A, Sohn E, Barbazetto I, Zacks D, Mittra R, Klancnik, Jr J, Mrejen S, Goldberg N, Beardsley R, Sorenson J, Freund K.  Paracentral acute middle maculopathy: A new variant of acute macular neuroretinopathy associated with retinal capillary ischemia.  JAMA Ophthalmology.  2013 August 8. Doi10.1001(Aug. 8):4056.

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Sohn E, Chen J, Lee K, Niemeijer M, Sonka M, Abramoff M.  Reproducibility of diabetic macular edema estimates from SD-OCT is affected by the choice of image analysis algorithm.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.  2013 June 19. 54(6):4184-4188.

Haugsdal J, Sohn E.  Age-related macular degeneration: From one medical student to another.  EyeRounds.org;  2013.  Available from: EyeRounds.org/tutorials/AME-medical-student

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Cunningham M, Tarantola R, Folk J, Sohn E, Boldt H, Graff J, Elkins K, Russell S, Mahajan V.  Proliferative vitreoretinopathy may be a risk factor in combined macular hole retinal detachment cases.  Retina.  2013 March. 33(3):579-585.

Sohn E, Mullins R, Stone E.  Macular dystrophies.  Saunders/Elsevier.  2013. 

Chen X, Zhang L, Sohn E, Lee K, Niemeijer M, Chen J, Sonka M, Abramoff M.  Quantification of external limiting membrane disruption caused by diabetic macular edema from SD-OCT.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.  2012 December 7. 53(13):8042-8048.

Sohn E, Wang R, Read R, Roufas A, Teo L, Moorthy R, Albini T, Vasconcelos-Santos D, Dustin L, Chee S, Zamir E, McCluskey P, Smith R, Rao N.  Regional corticosteroids for scleritis: Reply.  Ophthalmology.  2012 October. 119(10):2199-2200.

Sohn E, He S, Kim L, Salehi-Had H, Javaheri M, Spee C, Dustin L, Hinton D, Eliott D.  Angiofibrotic response to vascular endothelial growth factor inhibition in diabetic retinal detachment. Report No. 1.  Arch Ophthalmol.  2012 September 1. 130(9):1127-1134.

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Sohn E.  Bimanual vitreoretinal surgery for tractional retinal detachment due to proliferative diabetic retinopathy.  Retina Today.  2011 August. 

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Sohn E, Francis P, Duncan J, Saperstein D, Farrell D, Weleber R, Stone E.  Phenotypic variability due to a novel Glu292Lys variation in exon 8 of the BEST1 gene causing Best Macular Dystropy.  Arch Ophthalmol.  2009 July. 127(7):913-920.

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Sohn E, Wolden-Hanson T, Matsumoto A.  Testosterone (T)-induced changes in arcuate nucleus cocaine-amphetamine-regulated transcript and NPY mRNA are attenuated in old compared to young male brown Norway rats: contribution of T to age-related changes in cocaine-amphetamine-regulated transcript and NPY gene expression.  Endocrinology.  2002 March. 143(3):954-963.

Markgraf J, Dubow J, Charland J, Sohn E.  Kinetic isotope effects in the chromium (VI) oxidation of bicyclic alcohols.  Journal of Chemical Research.  1999. 0:146-147.

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