Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences

Elliott H. Sohn, MD


Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Contact Information

Primary Office: 11196 H PFP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-3185

Web: The Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research
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BA, Chemistry, Williams College
MD, University of Washington School of Medicine

Internship, Internal Medicine, University of Washington
Residency, Ophthalmology, University of Washington
Fellowship, Medical Retina, Moorfields Eye Hospital
Fellowship, Vitreoretinal Surgery, Doheney Eye Institute/USC

Licensure and Certifications

ABO Certification, American Board of Ophthalmology
NBME Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners

Research Summary

Dr. Sohn engages in translational and clinical research related to retinal diseases, especially (1) age-related macular degeneration: from stem cell therapies to clinical trials to basic mechanisms of the pathophysiology especially related to genotype; (2) diabetic retinopathy: tissue and image-based analysis in mice and humans with focus on pathophysiology and treatment; (3) inherited macular dystrophies and retinal degenerations: gene and stem cell therapies in pigs and humans (two clinical trials underway with more upcoming) as well as phenotype-genotype correlations. He is the PI of R01 NIH grant EY-026547

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Carver Family Center for Macular Degeneration
John and Marcia Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory
Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research

Selected Publications

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Zeng S, Whitmore S, Sohn E, Riker M, Wiley L, Scheetz T, Stone E, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Molecular Response of Chorioretinal Endothelial Cells to Complement Injury: Implications for Macular Degeneration.  The Journal of pathology.  2015 November 13. 

Sohn E, Jiao C, Kaalberg E, Cranston C, Mullins R, Stone E, Tucker B.  Allogenic iPSC-derived RPE cell transplants induce immune response in pigs: a pilot study.  Scientific reports.  2015 July 3. 5:11791.

Whitmore S, Sohn E, Chirco K, Drack A, Stone E, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Complement activation and choriocapillaris loss in early AMD: implications for pathophysiology and therapy.  Progress in retinal and eye research.  2015 March 1. 45:1-29.

Sohn E, Wang K, Thompson S, Riker M, Hoffmann J, Stone E, Mullins R.  Comparison of drusen and modifying genes in autosomal dominant radial drusen and age-related macular degeneration.  Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.).  2015 January 1. 35(1):48-57.

Almeida D, Chin E, Tarantola R, Tegins E, Lopez C, Boldt H, Gehrs K, Sohn E, Russell S, Folk J, Mahajan V.  Long-term outcomes in patients undergoing vitrectomy for retinal detachment due to viral retinitis.  Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.).  2015 January 1. 9:1307-14.

Chin E, Almeida D, Roybal C, Niles P, Gehrs K, Sohn E, Boldt H, Russell S, Folk J.  Oral mineralocorticoid antagonists for recalcitrant central serous chorioretinopathy.  Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.).  2015 January 1. 9:1449-56.

Mullins R, Schoo D, Sohn E, Flamme-Weise M, Workamelahu G, Johnston R, Wang K, Tucker B, Stone E.  The membrane attack complex in aging human choriocapillaris: Relationship to macular degeneration and choroidal thinning.  American Journal of Pathology.  2014 November. 184(11):3142-3153.

Chen J, Sohn E, Folk J, Mahajan V, Kay C, Boldt H, Russell S.  Decreased macular thickness in nonproliferative macular telangiectasia type 2 with oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.  Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.).  2014 July 1. 34(7):1400-6.

Sohn E, Khanna A, Tucker B, Abramoff M, Stone E, Mullins R.  Structural and biochemical analyses of choroidal thickness in human donor eyes.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.  2014 March 6. 55(3):1352-60.

Sohn E, Flamme-Wiese M, Whitmore S, Wang K, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Loss of CD34 expression in aging human choriocapillaris endothelial cells.  PLOS One.  2014 January 21. 9(1):e86538.

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