Matthew Gillum, PhD


Specialty: Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Research Assistant Professor of Neurology

Contact Information

Primary Office: 1000 ML
Iowa City, IA 52242
Primary Office Phone: 319-356-8757



BS, Biology, Duke University
PhD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale University

Research Summary

The physiology of lipid neurotransmitters

Selected Publications

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KOTAS M, GORECKI M, Gillum M.  Sirtuin-1 is a nutrient-dependent modulator of inflammation.  Adipocyte.  2013. 2(2).

Erion D, Popov V, Hsiao J, Vatner D, Mitchell K, Yonemitsu S, Nagai Y, Kahn M, Gillum M, Dong J, Murray S, Manchem V, Bhanot S, Cline G, Shulman G, Samuel V.  The role of the carbohydrate response element-binding protein in male fructose-fed rats..  Endocrinology.  2013 January. 154(1):36-44.

Gillum M, Kotas M, Erion D, Kursawe R, Chatterjee P, Nead K, Muise E, Hsiao J, Frederick D, Yonemitsu S, Banks A, Qiang L, Bhanot S, Olefsky J, Sears D, Caprio S, Shulman G.  SirT1 regulates adipose tissue inflammation..  Diabetes.  2011 December. 60(12):3235-45.

SRISAI D, Gillum M, PANARO B, ZHANG X, KOTCHABHAKDI N, SCHULMAN G, ELLACOTT K, CONE R.  Characterization of the hyperphagic response to dietary fat in the MC4R knockout mouse.  Endocrinology.  2011. 152(3).

KOTAS M, LEE H, Gillum M, ANNICELLI C, CUIGNI B, SCHULMAN B,  M.  Impact of CD1d deficiency on metabolism.  PLoS One;  2011. 

Gillum M, ERION D, SCHULMAN G.  Sirtuin-1 regulation of mammalian metabolism.  Trends in Molecular Medicine.  2011. 17(1):8-13.

Gillum M, Erion D, Shulman G.  Sirtuin-1 regulation of mammalian metabolism..  Trends in molecular medicine.  2010 October. 

ERION D, YONEMITSU S, NIE Y, NAGAI Y, Gillum M, HSIAO J, IWASAKI T, STARK R, WEISMANN E, YU X, MURRAY S, BHANOT S, MONIA B, HORVATH T, GAO Q, SAMUEL V, SCHULMAN G.  Knockdown of SirT1 expression in liver decreases basal hepatic glucose production and increases hepatic insulin responsiveness in diabetic rats.  PNAS.  2009. 106:11288-11293.

KOTAS M, JURCZAK M, ANNICELLI C, Gillum M, CLINE G, SHULMAN G, MEDZHITOV R.  Role of caspase-1 in regulation of triglyceride metabolism.  PNAS. 

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