Sven Moller-Tank

Sven Moller-Tank

Address: 3-701E BSB
Phone: (319) 335-7613
Email: sven-moller-tank@uiowa.edu

Mentor: Wendy J. Maury, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Purdue University

Research Description

Ebolavirus, along with Marburgvirus, is a member of the Filoviridae family of nonenveloped, non-segmented, negative-stranded DNA viruses. The infection with the virus can cause hemorrhagic fever, with a mortality rate as high as 90% depending on the strain. Recently, T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain 1 (TIM-1) has been identified by our lab as a receptor for Ebola virus. Our lab is interested in better understanding the interaction between TIM-1 and the Ebola virus through mutagenesis of TIM-1. In addition, we are attempting to determine the mechanism of entry via TIM-1 and role of other proteins in this process. This research will provide insight into the important residues involved in TIM-1 mediated entry of EBOV and provide potential targets for therapeutics.


Kondratowicz, A., Sinn, P.L., Davey, R.A., Hunt, C.L., Lennemann, N.J., Moller-Tank, S., Meyerholz, D., Rennert, P.D., Mullins, R., Brindley, M., Sandersfeld, L.M., Quinn, K., Weller, M., McCray, P.B., Jr., Chiorini, J.A., and Maury, W. T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain protein 1 (TIM-1) is a receptor for Zaire ebolavirus and Lake Victoria marburgvirus, submitted.


  • Member, University of Iowa Virology Training Program (NIH T32 AI007533)
  • University of Iowa Presidential Fellowship