Brouillette, Rachel

Rachel Brouillette

Address: 3-701E
Phone: (319) 335-7613
Email: rachel-brouillette@uiowa.edu

Mentor: Wendy J. Maury, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Iowa State University

Research Description


Eum, J.-H.; R.C. Bottjen, A.J. Pruijssers, K.D. Clark, M.R. Strand. (2010). "Characterization and kinetic analysis of protein tyrosine phosphatase-H2 from Microplitis demolitor bracovirus." Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 40(9): 690-698. 

 Nair, S.; Boozer, W.; Bottjen, R.; Brannon S.; and Weldon, S. “Increasing natural enemy diversity among arthropods is not compatible with the goals of biological control and IPM.” (Submitted February 2011).


  • MS Student of the Year, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia, 2011