Biosciences Program

  • Advisors

    Biosciences students are advised regarding course selections, research rotations, and registration by a faculty member on the Biosciences Advisory Committee who is most closely aligned to the student's research and academic interest.

    As research rotations are assigned, the faculty advisor works in consultation with the student's rotation advisors until the end of the first year regarding the student's progress.

    Advisors also meet with the student to discuss course grades, subsequent rotations, and the selection of a department or program and lab for thesis research.

  • Program/Department   Advisor   Contact  
    Anatomy & Cell Biology Chuck Yeaman, PhD,  Associate Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology
    (319) 335-8782
    1-632 BSB
    Biochemistry Dan Weeks, PhD, Professor, Biochemistry
    (319) 335-7918
    4-430 BSB
    Free Radical & Radiation Biology Apollina Goel, PhD, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
    (319) 384-4754
    4204 MERF
    Genetics Deborah Dawson, PhD, Professor, Preventative & Community Dentistry
    (319) 335-7189
    N439E DSB
    Human Toxicology Larry Robertson, PhD, Professor, Occupational & Environmental Health
    (319) 335-4554
    219 IREH
    Immunology David Lubaroff, PhD, Professor, Urology
    (319) 335-8423
    3210 MERF
    Microbiology Steve Clegg, PhD, Professor, Microbiology
    (319) 335-7778
    3-334 BSB
    Molecular & Cellular Biology Frederick Domann, PhD, Professor, Radiation Oncology
    (319) 335-8018
    4202 MERF
    Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Mike Anderson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
    (319) 335-7839
    5-660 BSB
    Neuroscience Dan Tranel, PhD, Professor, Neurology
    (319) 384-6050
    2206 RCP
    Pharmacology Barry Kasson, PhD, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
    (319) 335-9954
    2-452 BSB