Program in Bioethics and Humanities


WELCOME: New Faculty Member, Dr. Laurel Lyckholm


Publication: Practicing Medicine and Dr. Lauris Kaldjian

To practice medicine and ethics, physicians need wisdom and integrity to integrate scientific knowledge, patient preferences, their own moral commitments, and society’s expectations. This work of inte...

Service: UIHC Ethics Consult Service

The UIHC Ethics Consult Service is a resource for patients, family members, or health professionals at UIHC who would like help addressing an ethical question or problem related to a patient's care.

Education:  Anonymous Student Reflections

This cloud of words gives a suggestive snapshot of the values, ethics, and concerns raised by students in their reflections at the end of the 2013 Bioethics and Humanities Seminar at the Carver Colleg...

Publication:  From Medicine Iowa by Dawn Goodlove

 Medicine in the City of Literature

Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Service

The mission of the Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Service (CRECS) is to assist clinical investigators in identifying and addressing the ethical challenges that frequently arise when designing o...

Publication:  Information is Information

The public’s voice has been nearly absent in discussions on managing genomic incidental findings. This article by a team of University of Iowa researchers, including Dr. Simon of the Program of Bioeth...