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    Biochemistry Research Workshops are a series of informal scientific workshops for the University of Iowa research community. They are usually held on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Seebohm Conference Room, 283 EMRB unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to attend!


     Date  Speaker, Department/Institution  Workshop Title
    2/24/2015 Lori Wallrath, PhD, Biochemistry/University of Iowa
    Epigenetic regulation of breast cancer metastasis
    2/24/2015 John Brogie, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Price Lab)/University of Iowa Deciphering P-TEFb regulation using a reconstructed 7SK snRNP
    3/3/2015 Aliasger K. Salem, PhD, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center/ University of Iowa Biodegradable nanoparticles for vaccine delivery
    3/10/2015 Nick Vance, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry (A. Spies Lab)/ University of Iowa  
    3/10/2015 TBA
    3/24/2015 Adrian Elcock, PhD, Biochemistry/University of Iowa
    3/31/2015 TBA
    3/31/2015  TBA  
    4/7/2015 TBA  
    4/14/2015  Mike Schnieders, PhD, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering/University of Iowa  
    4/28/2015 TBA  

    Past Workshops