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    Every semester we are proud to host outstanding seminar speakers. Please check the schedule below for date and location of the seminar. All seminars are held at 10:30 AM unless otherwise noted. All are encouraged to attend.

    Date Location Time Visitor Title Host
    Dec. 10 2117 MERF 10:30 Dr. Michael G. Poirier, The Ohio State University   Dr. Catherine Musselman
    Jan. 28
    2117 MERF
    10:30 Dr. Amy Keating, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Dr. Ernesto Fuentes
    Feb 4
    2117 MERF
    10:30 Dr. Haian Fu, Emory University
      Dr. Meng Wu
    Co-sponsored by HCCC and MNPC
    Feb 11
    2117 MERF
    10:30 TBA    
    Feb 25
    2117 MERF
    10:30 Dr. Frank Fan, Promega Corportation, Madison
      Dr. Meng Wu
    Co-sponsored  by CBB and MNPC
    March 3 2117 MERF 10:30 TBA    
    March 24 2117 MERF 10:30 TBA    
    March 31 2117 MERF 10:30 Dr. Janet Partridge, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital   Dr. Lori Wallrath
    April 7 2117 MERF 10:30 Dr. Jeff Sekelsky, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill   Dr. Pam Geyer
    April 28 2117 MERF 10:30 Dr. Andrew B. Herr, Cincinnati Children's Hospital   Dr. Ernesto Fuentes

    Past Seminars