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    Every semester we are proud to host outstanding seminar speakers. Please check the schedule below for date and location of the seminar. All seminars are held at 10:30 AM unless otherwise noted. All are encouraged to attend.

    Date Location Time Visitor Title Host
    Sept. 10 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Piero Bianco/University at Buffalo The State University of New York Mechanistic studies of stalled DNA replication fork rescue  Dr. Maria Spies
    Sept. 15 1117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Henry Higgs/ Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth University Studying the role of actin in mammalian mitochondrial fission  Co-Sponsored with Pharmacology and the Center for Hypertension Research
    Sept. 24 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Mark Fisher/University of Kansas Medical Center Following nature's lead in constructing membrane protein nanodisc complexes Dr. Ernesto Fuentes
    Oct. 1 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Carla Green/University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Circadian post-transcriptional control of metabolism: A tale of tails  Dr. Sheila Baker
    Oct. 8 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Kevin Raney/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Binding and unfolding of G quadruplex DNA by helicases Dr. Maria Spies
    Oct. 22 1289 CBRB Kelch Conference Room 4:00 PM Dr. Richard Assoian, University of Pennsylvania Mechanochemical signaling in vitro and in vivo Dr. Kris DeMali Co-Sponsored with MCB
    Oct. 29 2117 MERF 10:30 PM Dr. Eckhard Jankowski, Case Western Reserve University   Dr. Maria Spies
    Nov. 5 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Charalampos Kalodimos, University of Minnesota Molecular chaperones in action Dr. Catherine Musselman
    Nov. 12     Dr. James Bradner, Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute Targeted protein degredation Dr. David Price Co-Sponsored with MCB
    Dec. 3          
    Dec. 10 2117 MERF 10:30 Dr. Michael G. Poirier, The Ohio State University   Dr. Catherine Musselman

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