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    Every semester we are proud to host outstanding seminar speakers. Please check the schedule below for date and location of the seminar. All seminars are held at 10:30 AM unless otherwise noted. All are encouraged to attend.

    Date Location Time Visitor Title Host
    Sept. 1  2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Kent Hill, University of California LA More than an oar: Propulsion and signaling fuction of the trypanosome cilium   Dr. John Donelson
    Sept. 8 2117 MERF 10:30 AM  Dr. Filip Van Petegem, University of British Columbia Channelopathies at high resolution: Sodium and calcium selective channels in normal diseased states Dr. Madeline Shea
    Sept. 22 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Rafael Garcia-Mata, University of Toledo Regulation of RhoG signaling in focal adhesions, invadopodia and cell-cell junctions Dr. Kris DeMali
    Sept. 29 1289 CBRB 4:00 PM Dr. Jasper Rine, University of California Berkeley Epigenetics, metabolism and gene silencing Dr. Brandon Davies (co-sponsored by MCB)
    Oct. 13 2117 MERF 10:30 TBA TBA TBA
    Oct. 20 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Sheila Baker, University of Iowa    
    Oct. 27 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Nick Fitzkee, Mississippi State University   Dr. Ernesto Fuentes
    Nov. 3 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, University of California Davis   Dr. Maria Spies
    Nov. 10 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Susan Strome, University of California Santa Cruz Transmitting an epigenetic "memory of germline" across generations and through development Biochemistry Graduate Students
    Dec. 1 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Sandra Gabelli, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine   Dr. Madeline Shea
    Dec. 8 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Dr. Michael Welte, University of Rochester   Dr. Pamela Geyer and Dr. Tina Tootle (Co-sponsored by MCB & ACB)

    Past Seminars