Center on Aging

  • University of Iowa Lifetime Enrichment Adult Program (UI LEAP)


    High cognitive and physical function is a component of successful aging (Rowe and Kahn, 1997) and suggests activity that engages the mind and body is crucial to midlife and later-life wellness. Lifelong learning is a venue for older adults to become intellectually stimulated, socially engaged, and often physically active.

    The Center on Aging leads and supports the health and independence of older adults by promoting optimal aging through lifelong learning. The University of Iowa Lifetime Enrichment Adult Program (UI LEAP) is a lifelong learning program for adults of all ages (primarily over 50) living in southeastern Iowa. This program serves to educate, stimulate, and promote optimal aging for our active 440 members.

    Individual classes are offered over a three-semester schedule (spring, summer, and fall) and address a variety of topics including:

    (a) contemporary research and practices pertaining to healthy aging;
    (b) individual skill development (including new technology); and
    (c) intellectual stimulation by exploring contemporary issues and new interests.

    Over 100 events are scheduled each calendar year.

    Sessions are led by both UI faculty and community instructors, courses are multi-modal and include visits to laboratories and program sites, interactive activities, and discussions