Center on Aging

  • Health Services Research

    The Center on Aging is involved in health services research, evaluating various health outcomes among older adults using an expanded conceptualization of the Anderson model consisting of variables reflecting need, enabling, and predisposing factors. More specifically, this research consists of securing individual level (claims) data and linking these data with individual characteristics, local supplies of health care providers, county and market features, and other variables including public health policies and service management practices. The research typically features advanced regression statistics (e.g., multi-level or multi-nominal) applied to longitudinal panels.

    Recent Publications

    Kaskie, B.P., Obrizan, M., Cook, E.A., Jones, M.P., Liu, L., Bentler, S., Wallace, R.B., Geweke, J.F., Wright, K.B., Chrischilles, E.A., Pavlik, C.E., Ohsfeldt, R.L., Rosenthal, G.E. and Wolinsky, F.D. (2010). Defining emergency department episodes by severity and intensity: A 15-year study of Medicare beneficiaries. BMC Health Services Research, 10:173.