Center on Aging

  • Other Educational Opportunities

    The Center on Aging faculty and staff contribute and collaborate with other campus-based efforts that offer training in geriatrics and gerontology including the University of Iowa Aging Studies Program, the Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IGEC), and the Iowa Consortium of Aging Programs (ICAP).

    The University of Iowa Aging Studies Program is a multidisciplinary curriculum program consisting of courses in the Psychological, Biological/Health, and Social/Cultural aspects of aging which have been coordinated and sequenced to provide a planned program of study for students with academic, research or service career interests in aging--which includes geriatrics and gerontology.

    The Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IGEC) develops and maintains a substantial and modern set of teaching products and other materials focusing on the provision of geriatric care by professional health service providers.

    The Iowa Consortium of Aging Programs (ICAP) was created to strengthen gerontology training and education within our state to best prepare students to work with aging individuals, families, and communities across Iowa and beyond. Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa, and Des Moines Area Community College are all members of the consortium.