Center on Aging

  • Eastern Iowa Driving Performance Resources

    St. Luke’s Hospital
    1026 A. Ave. NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

    This is a 2-part outpatient program that includes a 1 ½ hour clinical assessment and a 1 hour driving/road evaluation. The program has both a car and van modified with adaptive equipment. A physician must make a referral for the evaluation or the participant may be sponsored by vocational rehabilitation. The results of the evaluation will be sent to the referring physician within approximately one week. The policy of this program is not to report results of the evaluation to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). The evaluation cost is approximately $580 and is self-pay.

    Mercy Health Plaza-Cedar Rapids
    5264 Council St NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

    Upon the referral of a physician, the Occupational Therapy Department is able to provide a thorough evaluation of an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities required to drive an automobile. Following this assessment, a report is forwarded to the referring physician to enable him/her to make an informed decision about the patient’s skills and abilities to drive safely.

    The driving evaluation consists of an assessment of physical range of motion and strength, vision, cognition, reaction time, and assessment of road knowledge.

    The program costs vary by service and are self-pay. The policy of the program is to not report evaluation results to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT).

    Genesis Medical Center
    1401 West Central Park Avenue
    Davenport, IA 52804

    The program is located in the Occupational Therapy Department. The cost of the evaluation is approximately $235. It is a 2-part evaluation including a clinical and behind the wheel exam. A physician’s referral is needed for this evaluation. The clinical phase lasts approximately two hours and consists of an evaluation by an occupational therapist. The evaluation assesses a person’s abilities/limitations in visual acuity, peripheral vision, visual processing, perceptual motor skills, judgment/problem solving, mobility status, upper and lower extremity strength, range of motion, and proprioception/sensation, reaction time, overall endurance, auditory and reading comprehension, verbal expression, and memory.

    Following the clinical evaluation, the client participates in a behind-the-wheel evaluation with the occupational therapist, who is a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. The individual is placed in a variety of driving situations with or without the use of driving aids, depending on his/her limitations. The patient’s performance is reviewed and a recommendation is made to the referring physician. The policy of this program is to not report results to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT).