Center on Aging

  • Established in 1990 by Kathleen Buckwalter from the College of Nursing, the University of Iowa Center on Aging (COA) quickly became recognized as a core campus resource facilitating interdisciplinary education, research, and service efforts dedicated to understanding the aging process and improving the health and well being of older people. Then, as part of the state of Iowa Public Health initiative in 1999, the Iowa Board of Regents called on the COA to advance the “health and independence of elderly Iowans” and provided an allocation to support core staffing.

    In particular, the Center was expected to: (a) increase leadership and faculty in aging; (b) coordinate campus-based educational programs in aging, (c) expand research efforts in aging and have the COA support researchers across the Regents institutions; (d) develop innovative, cost-effective demonstration programs in health care; and (e) advance community-based efforts that improve access to aging programs at the local level.