Anatomy and Cell Biology

  • Course and TA Requirements


    • Completion of coursework—prior to Comprehensive Examination
    • Completion of Comprehensive Examination—end of second year
    • Completion of teaching requirement—prior to thesis defense
    • Satisfactory completion of Thesis defense—average time for students in Anatomy and Cell Biology is 5.3 years 

    ACB Course Requirements  
    A total of 72 semester hours is required for the Ph.D. degree. This includes academic course work, seminars, and research hours.
    A cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 must be maintained.

    * Applicants whose first language is not English are required by the University of Iowa to satisfactorily complete an English language course before fulfilling the department’s teaching requirement (see below). Newly admitted graduate to whom this applies are strongly encouraged to enroll in this course during the summer prior to the first academic year.

    ACB Teaching Requirements  
    Students are required to complete 1 semester of teaching assistantship (TA) in a course agreed on by the ACB Graduate Student Advisory Committee. The student must achieve a satisfactory report from the Course Director to receive credit for meeting the teaching requirement.

    * Students who choose to TA Gross Anatomy will receive $1200 per semester of teaching in addition to the standard stipend.

    • Before a student may TA Gross Anatomy, he or she must have successfully completed a Gross Anatomy course

    Credits for Course and Teaching Completed Elsewhere  
    Students may receive credit toward meeting specific course and teaching requirements for work completed elsewhere, as specified by the Graduate Manual. Examples include:

    • graduate-level courses completed satisfactorily at another institution
    • graduate-level courses completed satisfactorily at the University of Iowa prior to entry into the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
    • professional courses. 

    Approval for applying these credits toward the course and teaching requirements of the department will be granted only when specifically requested in writing by the student and if, following an evaluation and positive recommendation by the department’s Graduate Program Committee, the Program Director also extends his support.