Anatomy and Cell Biology

  • ASK ME Student Organization

    All graduate students within the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology are invited to join the student organization called ASK ME (ACB Student Knowledge and Materials Exchange). The purpose of this organization is to:

    • Enhance communication among ACB students
    • Enable students to easily find others to share techniques, reagents and equipment
    • Enhance research outcomes for ACB students

    Those who join will have their personal lab techniques listed on the ACB website and be invited to join a ListServ, which will enable those involved to easily contact other members to find classmates who can teach techniques and share reagents and equipment (antibodies, centrifuges, etc.) when the situation arises. Below is a list of those students who have joined and the lab techniques in which they offer expertise.

    Angela Arensdorf

    Phone: (319) 335-7735
    Address: 1-570 BSB


    Cell culture, Chromatin immunoprecipitation, Chemiluminescence, DNA extraction, DNA sequencing gels, Electrophoresis (disambiguation), Electrophoresis, Electophoretic mobility shift assay, Ethanol precipitation, Elution, Filtration, Gel electrophoresis, Gel extraction, Homogenization (biology), Lipofection, Lysis buffer, Microbiological culture, MEF isolation, Microscopy, Nanodrop, Polymerase chain reaction, Primer dimer, Protein electrophoresis, Phenol-chloroform extraction, Proteinase K, Purified water, Phosphorylation Assays, Protein A, Protein G, Primer Design, Real-time polymerase chain reaction, Replica plating, Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, RNA extraction, Serial dilution, Spin column-based nucleic acid purification, Standard curve, Tissue culture, Trizol, Western blotting 

    Jennifer Barr

    Phone: (319) 335-9964
    Address: 3279 CBRB


    Asthma challenge, Bradford protein assay, Bright field microscopy, Biotinylation, Blood smear, Calcium flux assay, Centrifugation, Cell culture, Cell staining for flow cytometry, Cloning, DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, Dynabeads, Electrophoresis (disambiguation), Ethanol precipitation, ELISA, FLAG-tag, Flow cytometry, Gel extraction, Hydrodynamic tail vein injection, Immunoprecipitation, Intracellular staining, Isolation of naive T cells, Lipofection, Lineage negative cell isolation, Luciferase assay, Microbiological culture, Microscopy, OD, Overlap extension polymerase chain reaction, Polymerase chain reaction, Protein tag, Polarization of cells, RNA extraction, RT-PCR, Retroviral transduction, Site Directed Mutagenesis, Sequencing, Spin column-based nucleic acid purification, Standard curve, Tissue culture, TA cloning, Transformation, Transfection, Western blotting  

    Thomas Lynch

    Phone: (319) 335-6913
    Address: 1-111 BSB


    Allele-specific oligonucleotide, Decantation, Direct fluorescent antibody, Distillation, Dialysis (biochemistry), DNA extraction, DNA laddering, Electrophoresis (disambiguation), Electrophoresis, Electrophoretic mobility shift assay, Filtration, Fluorescence microscope, Glovebox, Grignard reaction, Gel Doc, Gel extraction, Homogenization (biology), Immunohistochemistry, Lipofection, Lysis buffer, Microscopy, Microbiological culture, Microscope slide, Microscope image processing, Nanodrop, Oil Immersion, pH indicators, Polymerase chain reaction, Primer dimer, Protein electrophoresis, Protein tag, Phenol-chloroform extraction, Polymerase chain reaction optimization, Primary and secondary antibodies, Protein tag, Pulse labeling, Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, Recrystallization (chemistry), RNA extraction, Salting out, Serial dilution, Size-exclusion chromatography, Sonication, Sublimation (phase transition), Soxhlet extractor, Thin layer chromatography, Tissue culture, Vacuum distillation, Western blotting 

    Jesse Riordan

    Phone: (319) 335-7606
    Address: 1-400 BSB


    Aseptic technique, Cell fractionation, Chemiluminescence, DNA extraction, DNA microarray, DNA sequencing, Dynabeads, FLAG-tag, Fluorescence microscope, Gel electrophoresis, Gel extraction, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation, Lowry protein assay, Microbiological culture, Nested polymerase chain reaction, Polymerase chain reaction, Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, RNA extraction, Tissue culture, Western blotting    

    Jennifer Streeter

    Phone: (319) 384-4584
    Address: 2269C CBRB


    Adenovirus infection, Blocking solution, Blot (biology), Bradford protein assay, Biotinylation, Cell disruption by nitrogen decompression, Cell fractionation, Centrifugation, Chemotaxis assay, Cell imaging, Colocalization, Confocal microscopy, Cover slip, Cell culture, Chemiluminescence, DCFH, Differential centrifugation, Direct fluorescent antibody, Dynabeads, Electrophoresis, Filtration, Flow cytometry, Fluorescence microscope, Free-flow electrophoresis, Gene delivery, Gene knockin, Gene knockout, Gel electrophoresis, Homogenization biology, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation, Lipofection, Lysis buffer, Lowry protein assay, Lucigenin, Mass spectrometry, Microscopy, Microbiological culture, Microscopes, Microscopic images, Microscopy mountants, Membrane protein trafficking, Nanodrop, NP-40, OD, Oligomer restriction, Oligonucleotide synthesis, Oil immersion, Peptide mass fingerprinting, pH indicators, Polymerase chain reaction, Protein electrophoresis, Primary and secondary antibodies, Protein protein interaction, Plasmid, Phosphorylation Assays, Protein Trafficking, Protein A, Protein G, Percoll gradient, Primer design, Serial dilution, Site Directed Mutagenesis, SILAC, Staining, Streptavidin precipitation, Tissue culture, Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, Trafficking, Virus Quantification Western blotting