Samuel's pancreatitis model featured as NIH news cover story

Samuel, Isaac

A research communication authored by Dr. Isaac Samuel (right) and others published in the Pancreatology journal in October 2010, that describes a novel pancreatitis experimental model, was featured as the cover story in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Summer 2011 Digestive Diseases News. Dr. Samuel, Associate Professor of Surgery, and his team developed and characterized this novel mouse model and showed several similarities with severe human gallstone pancreatitis, making this model stand out against existing models.

 No specific treatment exists for acute pancreatitis as the pathogenesis is poorly understood. Since investigating the early stages of the disease in humans is impossible, the NIH has emphasized a special need for such models of acute pancreatitis. Dr. Samuel states, “To find a drug, you need a target. And to find a target, you need a model.” Using this model, his federally funded basic science laboratory has already made some important discoveries regarding the potential role of stress-activated pathways in the development of early stage pancreatic inflammation.

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